Senior Services

Seniors in Elk Grove California have a wonderful
selection of support services to assist them.

Elk Grove Senior Center

The Elk Grove Senior Center is serving seniors from it’s new facility
at the new Elk Grove Civic Center called District 56.
8230 Civic Center Drive
Elk Grove, CA 95757

In addition to the services you would expect at a senior center, they also have a wall full of brochures that provide seniors with information about assisted living facilities.

One of their best programs is to coordinate travel opportunities for seniors.  It is not unusual to see seniors still travelling into their eighties.  Of course, us seniors don’t move quite as quickly as we did when we were younger, but we still enjoy the opportunity to see a little bit of the world while we are still mobile, even if it is with the aid of a walker or wheelchair.

If by chance you do need to use a walker or wheelchair, I was directed to another resource that discusses that topic. This item is on a credit cards website, but I still thought the content was worth sharing.

Speaking about not getting around as easily as we once did, have you noticed how much more difficult it is getting into and out of your favorite chair or recliner?  I was talking with a lady who was asking if I knew if the local Lions club had wheelchairs or walkers to loan to people visiting the community for the holidays. Unfortunately, they don’t, but while we were talking she told me about a product that she sells to lift your favorite chair a few inches to simplify getting in and out of it. It is called the Little Boost Platform. You can learn more about it by  here.


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